Coaching With Purposed
Christian Coaching -
 is about...Change, the kind of change that starts on the inside & works its way out. I will help you clarify your
life vision, identify your gifts and overcome obstacles. My passion is to help discover your design so you can live
the life God intends for you to live. As your coach, I will strategize with you to identify where you are stuck and take
actions as you navigate your way to a life of fulfillment and satisfaction. I listen, ask questions, give enthusiastic
support & challenge you to achieve your goals. You bring to the table an area you want to see changed and I'll role up
my sleeves and go to work. You are one of a kind and it is said, "The Father knows what you need before you even ask."

Career Coaching -
Are you passionate about your job? Can you say you love what your doing? If not, than discover your life PURPOSE and
how to create job satisfaction by using your gifts and talents to do what you are most passionate about. Make your life
count by investing three to six months of time and effort in order to reap a lifetime of purposeful living. Discover the life
you were created for! (Note: working
with a career coach is ideal for college and post college career direction) 

Call or e-mail today the first session is "free"